Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Head and Neck

HEAD & NECK cranial meatS: I-Optic, II- olfactive, triple-Oculomotor, IV-Trochlear, V-Trigeminal, VI-Abducens, VII-Facial, VIII-Acoustic (Vestibulocochlear), IX-Glossophrayngeal, X-Vagus, XI-Spinal Accessory, XII-Hypoglossal On sure-enough(a) Olympus Towering Tops, A Finn And German Viewed near hops (older and cleaner) Oh Oh Oh To doctor And Feel A Girls Vagina And Hymen (newer and, well ...)    Which cranial hardihood is Sensory, Motor, or twain Some Say rule hitched with M wholenessy, that My Brother Says Big Breasts matter More    BRANCHES OF FACIAL daring: Temporal, Zygomatic, Buccal, Mandibular, Cervical Ten Zebras Beat My Cock cardinal Zulus buggered my cat (for the sicker, amongst you!)    You have I nose. You have II eyes. (I - Olfactory; II -- Optic)    Standing port Only -Exit of branches of trigeminal buttock from the skull S V1 - spiffing orbital fissure, V2 -foramen Rotundum, V3 -foramen Ovale For the enounce of plaque that pass through the master orbital fissure:                unruffled French Tarts Lie bare-ass in Anticipation.
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                (Lacrimal, Frontal, Trochlear, Lateral, Nosociliary, Internal,                  Abducens) 2  heft up of plug Lateral Lowers side(prenominal) pterygoid is the one that opens the jaw  4  Muscles of mastication MTPP ( which could be read as Empty Peepee) masseter, temporal, lateral and average pterygoids Arteries as they come kill the external carotid: Superior thyroid, Ascending pharyngeal, Lingual, Facial, Occipital, Post Auricular, lilliputian temporal, Maxillary Some Anatomists resembling making babiesing, Others cull S & M Some barbaric Lady estimate out PMS      annoying of Extraocularmotor Muscles: LR6 SO4 3 LR6--Lateral rectus--> VI abductens SO4--Superior Oblique--> IV Trochlear 3--The remain 4 eyeball movers = III Oculomotor first rudiment of the aortic unholy! Aortic arch gives off the: 1. Bracheocephalic trunk 2. leave mutual carotid 3. Left subclavian artery brachial PLEXUS: Roots,...If you penury to get a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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