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1.) Find Solution. We move over Set  . Then we have  which implies Going back to the fruitless x, we get 2.) 3.)      Now recall the clear individuation,                                        4.)   5.)        6.)       7.) 7.)   8.)   9.) 10.) in this form we privy do the inbuilt exploitation the substitution .  Doing this gives,                                                  11.)          12.)             13.)         1. Lop turn a se beat outt-squared(x) factor and move it to the right. 2. interchange the remaining se poopts to tangents with the Pythagorean individuation element, 3. work on by substitution, where u = tan(x) and 14.) make the substitution u =  hellhole x, du = cos xdx and apply the individuality , we have got        15.) Using identities  and , we earth-closet write:       depend the underlyings in the latter expression.        To find the in effect(p) , we make the substitution u = sin 2x, du = 2cos 2xdx. Then        Hence, the initial constitutive(a) is        16.) channelize the intrinsical . Solution. We can write:      Transform the integrand using the identities       We get        17.) Evaluate the integral . Solution. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
We rehearse the identity  to transform the integral. This yields        Calculate the integral . Solution. Using the identity , we have        18.) Calculate the integral . Solution. We use the reduction formula        Hence,        The integral  is a bow integral which is have-to push with to . (It can be considerably found usingthe universal trigonometric substitution .) As a result, the integral becomes        18.) Evaluate the integral . Solution. We use the reduction formula        Hence,        20. image . Solution.        21.) Compute . Solution. Use the identity . Then        Since  (see Example 9) and  is a table integral equal to , we contract the following complete perform:        21.)If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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