Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Social Control Theory

Chapter 10 fond ascendence Theory
Classification: Positivist, Consensus, Micro theoretical.
Theorists: Emile Durkheim, Albert Reiss, Walter Reckless, Travis Hirschi.
The bourn control theory refers to any perspective that discusses the control of human race behavior.
Explanations on: genetics, neurochemistry, sociobiology, personality, and environment design.
kindly consider theories attribute abomination and delinquency to family structures, education, peer groups etc.
Theorists share a conviction that deviant behavior is expected.
Why people obey rules main matter trying to be proven
Critical component of all affectionate control theories is their attempt to explain factors keeping people from committing crimes.
kind Heritage
Cynicism of the United States because of Watergate
Conservatism enhanced popularity of control theories, theories themselves not inheritantly conservative.
understanding Heritage
Connection with strain theories.
Rise in popularity of Social Control theories for 3 reasons.
1)The reaction to the labeling and conflict orientation and a kick in to the examination of criminal behavior.
2)Rise of the study of criminal arbitrator as a discipline helped move crim in a more pragmatic and system-oriented direction.

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3)Hirschis version of social control met everyones personal explanation for criminal behavior.
Durkheims Social Control Theory
All Social control theories all depone on social factors to explain how people are restrained.
utter a society will always have divagation and it is a normal phenomenon.
Crime must serve a function in society; any society without it is abnormal.
Social reaction to someone elses deviance helps people catch out what they shouldnt do.
Society of Saints ? no crime as we get laid it, but crime would be present. Crimes in such a society would represent behavior we do not find twice about but for the saints would be repulsive and harmful.
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