Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Possum Control

Why has chemical control of the possum been brought into use in bran-new Zealand?
the possum trichosurus vulpecula Introduced from Australia in 1837,have become a major pest. Number about 70 million and 20 million be natural each year. Numbers born approximate numbers of death, making their population stable. It habitats the bush/forest, have leaves and native corrects stems, causing many problems to the wildlife and native animal life. They were fi rst brought from Australia in 1837 to establish a fur industry. By 1922, 36 batches
of possums had been imported, broadly speaking from Tasmania where possums were larger and most had the black fur preferred by furriers. These possums and their descendants were liberated at more than 450 places around New Zealand by 1930.

Implication to wildlife
Possums eat about 21,000 tonnes of vegetation per day. ardour canopy and sub-canopy plants, creepers, epiphytes, shrubs, and ground dwelling plants, focusing on oneness plant at a time. A mature steer can be killed by possums in just deuce years. They threaten the wellbeing and survival of many new(prenominal) plant and animal species. In New Zealand the plants have never had to bewilder defence mechanisms, so all are palatable to the starved possum.

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they change the overall structure and composition of native forests and other ecosystems. Ultimately, the recovery of forest from possum damage must wait on providing adequate protection of
regenerating seedlings
Implication to animals
Possums raven on native insects and birds eggs and compete with native birds for food.possums are to be partly blamed for the decline of kakakos and kaka from eating the leafing and fruit these birds would otherwise feed on, robbing them of food. possums spreads infections into new areas. Possums have been coupled to spreading bovine tuberculosis in cattle and cervid herds, a major animal health problem. They have been account to eat many different speies of snails in different areas such(prenominal) as the flax...If you want to get a full essay, direct it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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