Monday, April 8, 2013

Bubonic Plague

Midway Paper BUBONIC PLAGUE         There check been many devestating occurances over the years. One of the around devestating times eer in history was the Bubonic Plague too cognise as Black Death.

There have been triplet major breakouts of Bubonic plague in history. The first volcanic eruption was known as the Plague of Jstinian (542-543). It killed 70,000 in the city of Constaniople in two years. The plague followed trade routes to France and Italy. Smaller volcanic eruptions occured for an additional 52 years. Before this time, bubonic plague had been unknown in the Mediterranean. The knobbed emperor Justinian (ruled, 527-565) was attempting to reestablish the Roman Empire and was close to complete his dream. The outbreak of plague destroyed his dream. The second major outbreak of bubonic plague, and the virtually devestating, occurred in Europe in 1346-50. cognise as the Black Death, bubonic plague spread crossways Asia and Europe. By the end of 1348, plague covered all of Italy and most of France. It crossed over the Alps, and spread to Switzerland. England was reached in August, and it spread to Scottland, Ireland, Denmark, and most of Germany. By 1351, the plague reached Russia. The Black Death killed about 1/3 of theh population of Europe, or 25 million people. In 4 years it resulted in more deaths than the plague of Justinian did in 50 years. Government, trade, and commerce in Europe almost came to a stop. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

The plague caused the depopulation of about 1,000 villages in England. The plague reduced the come up of landunder cultivation due to death of many laborers. The Roman Catholic Church lost some of its influence as people moved to mysticism and other spiritual expressions. more of the Jews were masacred because they were blamed for the plague. There were other reoccurences of the plague in 1361-63, 1369-71, 1390, and also 1400. Another big outbreak was the Great Plague of Londen in 1665 which killed 17,440 out of the...

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